ASF – partner at ZF Bankers Summit’14

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Advantage Software Factory was Partner for “ZF Bankers Summit” 3rd Edition, held on 10-11’Th June at Marriott Hotel Bucharest.

The central themes of this year’s discussions were the Non – Performing Loans and the recent regulations by the Romanian National Bank in this respect.

What are the present challenges in the banking system, how will the Banking sector look like when they are rid of the burden of the 10 billion Euros worth of bad debts, how and when will the system get rid of “the stigmata” of the bad debts which is pulling the local market down to the worst position in the region – these are but a few topics debated on the occasion of the event organized by Ziarul Financiar.

Top Management of Romanian Banks, BNR Officials, C-level of Collection, Workout and Risk Departments were present in the audience.

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