Scorto logo 2 is a globally recognized provider of decision management and risk mitigation solutions and services with a presence worldwide.

Having served organizations operating in finance, telecommunications and insurance industries since 2005, Scorto provides the most precise and sensible tools and platforms which have allowed their clients to make accurate and timely decisions, quantify their risk, and improve operational efficiency.

Scorto has been named to the FinTech 100 for 4 consecutive years running (i.e. 2011 – 2014), as recognition for their market leading products and industry expertise. Please refer to the followingIDC FinTech 2014 Final_Rankings‘.

The company is focused on the development of credit scoring and decision management solutions, tailored to any organization or environment, and are continuously improving custom software development processes, skills and methodologies.

The current suite of solutions encompasses:

  • Decision management solutions Loan origination, fraud detection and prevention, customer management and debt collection.
  • Credit risk management solutions Portfolio analysis, internal ratings and scorecards development, and portfolio stress testing.
  • Scoring solutions Application, behavioral, collection and fraud scoring.

Scorto Solutions overview:

  • Scorto Loan Decision– Scorto’s credit scoring and application processing system allows automating loan origination workflow, borrower assessment (credit scoring), decision and strategy management. It provides flexible capabilities for integration with core banking systems and various data sources.
  • Scorto Behavia – Scorto’s portfolio management and behavioral scoring solution provides functionality for analysis and segmentation of credit portfolios. Offering full support for customer management decisoning across all key areas such as:
    • Limit management
    • Debt management
    • Risk Based pricing
    • Cross sell/Upsell/Product Promotions
    • Risk mitigation
    • Risk and policy customer exposure

    Behavia supports calculations/reports for PD, EAD and LGD by portfolio segments. It also allows the development of credit portfolio value estimation.

  • Scorto Loan Manager (Corporates & Commercial loans)– Scorto’s loan origination solution is designed for servicing corporates & commercial loans. Offering a robust risk management framework for:
    • Complete financial analysis of a business across any industry or sector
    • Automation of analysis and decisoning tasks
    • Risk based cost of capital calculations and or pricing for financing
    • Risk assessment throughout the entire financing lifecycle
    • Customer’s scoring rating and segmentation
    • Evaluation of payment dynamics, financial risk assessment and estimation of PD, LGD and EAD and other parameters required for calculating RWA.
  • Scorto Ample Collection – Scorto’s collections decisoning solution allows for debtors analysis and segmentation, collection workflow automation and management and collection efficiency monitoring and reporting.
  • Scorto Fraud Barrier – Scorto’s Application Fraud solution is based on cutting edge detection technologies in combination with advanced analytics, rules-driven engine and intuitive fraud case analysis tools.

Scorto Fraud Barrier

  • Scorto Model Maestro – Scorto’s model development tool for portfolio analysis and scoring model development. Incorporates evaluation of financial, statistical and operational effectiveness of scoring models.
  • Scorto Supervisor – Scorto’s reporting tool capable of supporting almost any kind of reporting requirements for Credit Risk management. Underlying this tool is the multi-dimensional data cubes processing which allows for complex drill-downs and minimal resource overheads leading to substantially reduced processing times. Key reports supported include:
    • System Stability report
    • Stability Trend analysis
    • Characteristics Analysis
    • Good Bad separation report
    • Final Score Reports
    • Model Adequacy Reports
    • Delinquencies Distribution
    • Scoring Model Analysis
    • Delinquencies Migration/Vintage Analysis
    • Basel Regulatory Reporting requirements (such as RWA, Total Exposure, Avg PD, Avg LGD, Avg EAD and EL)
  • Scorto Analytics Consulting – Scorto provides the complete end-to-end Credit Risk Management model development consulting capabilities covering the following:
    • Application scorecards
    • Behavioral scorecards
    • Collections scorecards
    • Fraud scorecards/models
    • Regulatory (Basel) scorecards such as PD, LGD and EAD/CCF
    • Model development training and Knowledge Transfer
  • Turnkey Lender – A light end-to-end originations and collections decisioning platform that aims to afford small to mid-sized institutions the ability to perform online originations of loans with functionalities covering the entire loan lifecycle. Additional information can be obtained fromTurnkey lender logo.  Offered in both SAAS model or on-site deployment, it is ideal for:
    • Click and click/brick lenders
    • Brick and mortar lenders
    • Online lenders
    • Pay-day loan lenders
    • Microfinance institutions
    • Credit Unions
    • Peer to Peer lenders.

Turnkey Lender

Scorto’s sample client references as follows(not exhaustive):

Scorto Cust referencesScorto Cust references

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