Scorto Behavia & Loan Decision

Scorto Loan Decision– Scorto’s credit scoring and application processing system allows automating loan origination workflow, borrower assessment (credit scoring), decision and strategy management. It provides flexible capabilities for integration with core banking systems and various data sources.

 Scorto Loan Decision schematics

Scorto Behavia – Scorto’s portfolio management and behavioral scoring solution provides functionality for analysis and segmentation of credit portfolios. Offering full support for customer management decisoning across all key areas such as:

  1. Limit management
  2. Debt management
  3. Risk Based pricing
  4. Cross sell/Upsell/Product Promotions
  5. Risk mitigation
  6. Risk and policy customer exposure

Behavia supports calculations/reports for PD, EAD and LGD by portfolio segments. It also allows the development of credit portfolio value estimation.

Scorto Behavia schematics

Scorto Behavia Overview:

Scorto Behavia Customer Mgmt rating                 Scorto Behavia Functional modules 1

Scorto Behavia Functional modules 2 Scorto Behavia Functional modules 3

Scorto Behavia Functional modules 4 Scorto Behavia Functional modules 5

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