Scorto Loan Manager

Scorto Loan Manager (Corporates & Commercial loans)– is a loan origination solution designed for servicing corporates & commercial loans. It offers a robust risk management framework for:

  1. Complete financial analysis of a business across any industry or sector
  2. Automation of analysis and decisoning tasks
  3. Risk based cost of capital calculations and or pricing for financing
  4. Risk assessment throughout the entire financing lifecycle
  5. Customer’s scoring rating and segmentation
  6. Evaluation of payment dynamics, financial risk assessment and estimation of PD, LGD and EAD and other parameters required for calculating RWA.

Scorto Loan Manager overview:

 Scorto Loan Mgr schematics 2

 Scorto Loan Manager – Risk Management Framework :

Scorto Loan Mgr risk framework 1

Scorto Loan Mgr risk framework 2

Scorto Loan Mgr risk framework 3

Scorto Loan Mgr risk framework 4

Scorto Loan Manager Sample UI:

Scorto Loan Mgr UI 1Scorto Loan Mgr UI 2

Scorto Loan Mgr UI 3

Scorto Loan Mgr UI 4Scorto Loan Mgr UI 5

Scorto Loan Mgr UI 6

Scorto Loan Mgr UI 7

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