Analytics Consulting

Every organization takes on a continuous journey of applying analytics to meet their specific business requirements.

The Analytics journey 4

 Below is a sample summary of the business challenges and applications of analytics in helping to resolve some of these issues:

Credit Life cycle analytics 3

Credit Life cycle - results 2

We are able to offer our clients (thru our partners) various solutions to manage their analytical model development requirements. These include:

  1. Application, Behavioral, Collection, Marketing response model development (at both the Account and Customer level).
  2. Generic/Expert, Pooled and Custom model development.
  3. Regulatory (Basel) model development such as PD, LGD and EAD/CCF.
  4. Validation, Recalibration and outsourced model monitoring services
  5. Model development & Optimization tools.
  6. Scorecard performance monitoring and reporting tool.

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