Collection & Recoveries systems

Addressing the needs of organizations who are currently encumbered with:

  1. Heavy manual tasks
  2. Inconsistencies in Collection & Recoveries treatments
  3. Difficulties with managing and generating Collections & Recoveries reporting requirements
  4. Inability to standardize and centralize information for Collections & Recoveries
  5. Difficulties with monitoring performance of accounts and collectors

We offer our clients (thru our collaboration with  ASF logo) an end-to-end Collections & Recoveries solution that addresses:

End to End Collection & Recoveries 2

 The Capone C&R solution Capone C&R v2 is currently in use in over 30 installations worldwide. Having built up considerable experiences in delivering C&R solutions,  ASF logo brings to the table:

ASF advantages 2

 The Capone C&R solution is a dedicated product for banking and non-banking financial institutions that offers a multitude of features specific to the financial industry. These include:

  1. Flexible collection strategies definition based on product types, days of delays, annuity, customer segments, etc.
  2. Standard interface with Core Banking system for fast deployment.
  3. Full monitoring of insured banking products and the insurance companies relationships.
  4. Follow-up for cases sent to internal legal department and Collection agencies.
  5. Graphical management of collection strategy definition.
  6. Graphical representation of collection process evolution and client history.
  7. Alerts and notifications for different working scenarios.

Capone C&R covers all collection stages: early collection, late collection, fraud monitoring, legal enforcement & insolvency procedures monitoring and interactions with collection agencies. Collection departments are able to monitor the customers before the first day in delay, for prevention or fraud purposes, and after the first due date through each collection stage until cure or legal process completion.

Key features include:

Capone Key features 2

Ease of Operational strategy configuration – Timeline:

Strategy configuration - timeline

Ease of Operational strategy configuration – Workflows

 Strategy configuration - workflows

Champion Challenger scenarios

Capone Champion Challenger

Collection Actions                                                                                  Collection Queues                                 


Collection actions              Collection queues


Task Management

Task management


Capone C&R additional tools:                                                                            Dailer Campaigns

Capone C&R tools            Dailer campaigns

Enforcement module


Insolvency module (might not be available in your region):

Insolvency 3



Operational and Management reporting requirements are provided through a native reporting tool integrated within Capone C&R. Please see  Next reports suiteNext reports.


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