Decisoning systems

We provide our clients with a range of decisoning platforms, built on the core technologies provided by our partners.

Central to all our platforms are a combination of the following tools (tailored to suit the specific needs of the client):

  1. Decision engine.
  2. Online Interface Gateway module.
  3. Batch Interface Gateway module.
  4. Workflow and Screen Design module.
  5. Reporting module – Custom reporting & templated performance monitoring reporting.
  6. Model development tool.
  7. Optimization tool.

Sample areas of decisioning applications include:

  1. Application/Behavioral scorecard deployment and performance monitoring.
  2. Originations Decisoning.
  3. Account/Customer Management decisioning.
  4. Collections platform decisioning.
  5. Fraud decisoning applications (e.g. Application Fraud and Transactional/Merchant Fraud monitoring).

Decisoning applications and loan origination systems have already been built for clients (thru our solution partners) throughout the world utilizing these core technologies.

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